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Local Area Network (LAN) Solutions

Local Area Network (LAN)

connects computers and technology within a single office location, or office campus set up, enabling employees to share business critical information securely and reliably over the network. LAN's are scalable to grow with your business while ensuring high availability, minimised downtime and uninterrupted access to business critical information.

A Local Area Network allows your business to:

  • Share business critical information over a single network
  • Provide high speed connectivity between devices
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Operational costs can be reduced and storage efficiency improved by integrating services instead of relying on separate technologies
  • Provides the foundation for more advanced technology, such as IP Telephony and Video Conferencing
  • With our extensive technical background and experience we can design the correct layer 2 and 3 topologies to ensure physical and logical redundancy. Our knowledge in other networking areas means that we are able to leverage technologies such as wireless to provide low cost links or DR backup to fibre links. Is your network ready for operational efficiency? More than 7 billion mobile are devices predicted to enter the enterprise by 2015. Cloud computing, video, and other rich-media tools are expected to consume more than 90 percent of bandwidth by 2014. Cisco Borderless Networks and Cisco Catalyst switches deliver operational efficiency and lower expenses, helping you fully support these new trends in a tight economy. If you are looking to update or add to your existing network infrastructure then please contact our expert team today.